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With Episodic Season on it’s way it is the perfect time to seek a Talent Agent.  The “Agent Contact Guide” is a resource to the top Agencies as well as the best Boutique Agencies in the L.A. and surrounding areas.

Over 250 Southern California Talent Agents including: CAA, ICM, KSR, UTA, WME, Alvarado Rey, The Gage Group, Greene & Associates, and many more.

250+ Mailing Address’s, Phone Numbers +145 Websites.

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Download Instructions:  Once the purchase is complete you will immediately be directed to an encrypted link @ to the EBook “Agent Contact Guide”.   If you are not directed click on the link from the PayPal payment page.  An email from “WordPress”  will also be sent to you, the link will be active for 24 hours.  Enjoy!


Directions: The best results for using this guide is to pinpoint 15-20 Agencies you would like to be represented by.  Figure out which department you are interested in being represented under.  You may be represented by different agencies in different departments.  Submit via hard copy or follow their submission process on their website if applicable to the desired representation.


The most common departments may include: Theatrical, Commercial, Print, Dance, Theatre, Voice Over, Celebrity Endorsement, New Media and more.  (These are not all applicable at every agency)

Theatrical:  Represents talent for Television and Film.
Commercial:  Represents talent for Commercials.
Print:  Represents talent for Print Ads, Magazines, Billboards, Modeling, etc.
Dance:  Represents talent for Dance, Tours, Shows, may include dancing in commercials or TV & Movies as well.
Theatre:  Represents talent for Musical or Non-Musical Theatre and Live Stage.
Voice Over:  Represents talent for Voice Over work, such a Animated films, Narration, Books on Tape, Radio, V.O. on TV Commercials, Video Games and more.
Celebrity Endorsement:  Represents Celebrity’s for large campaigns, usually applicable to celebrities and named talent only.
New Media: Pertains to Internet media, Web-Series, Online Ads, Commercials, etc.


Every Agency is always looking for “New Blood” and talented people so don’t be afraid to get yourself out there.  When you do get yourself out there be sure it’s in the most professional way possible while being creative and fun, as you are an artist.  The best way to submit is to include a short Cover Letter, Stapled 8/10 Headshot and Resume (Stapled & Cut on the back) and any media on a DVD ie: Demo Reel, Music Reel, Commercials, etc.

Cover Letter:   Should be directed specifically to the Agent in the Department you are seeking representation from.  The more specific you are the better odds it will land on their desk.  Be sure to have your own flare and fun, but also make it clear, concise and professional.  This is your 3 paragraphs to grab their attention and flaunt yourself! 

Head Shot & Resume:  Your headshot is your calling card, so make sure it is professional and looks like you!  A great headshot could be the difference in getting an audition and not.  Also be sure to staple your resume to the back and cut it to properly fit.

DVD:  Is another selling tool, not necessary, but it can be very valuable.  When putting together your media make sure it is all professional, fun and shows you in the best light.  As this is their first impression and you don’t want it to be the last.  Be sure to format correctly in NTSC and test it before sending out so you know it will play.  In this day and age you may want to include links to your online reels, but a hard copy is always nice to have as well.

When starting out don’t worry about having big credits or experience what is most important is your professionalism, attitude and work ethic.  This is an industry where you have to work with many personalities and people so the more liked you are the odds are the more others will want to help and guide you.


Trust your instincts and stay true to yourself.  At the end of the day you know what’s best for you.  Nobody knows exactly how to succeed in this business so everyone must make their own path.  Best of luck!!  Feel free to write with any success stories or questions.  I would be more than happy to answer from my personal perspective and experience!


Brett A. Newton



————————————————————————————————————————————– – Los Angeles, CA

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