Voice Over Reels


In today’s growing world of entertainment, Voice Over is becoming a vast field from Commercials, Radio, VideoGames, Animation and more.  Create your own VO Reel and showcase your voice talents.


Jean’s Commercial Reel

Megan & Friends Comm Reel

Brett’s Commercial Reel

April’s Character Reel

Sherry’s Character Reel

Michael’s Character Reel

Contact Brett for Recording scheduling and any other inquires.  Recording will be in Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

$125 Commercial VO Reel (2 Tracks)

$150 Character VO Reel (2 Tracks)

$25 Additional Commercial Track

$35 Additional Character Track

For Scheduling or Inquires
Contact: Brett Newton @ Info@HungryLunchbox.com or via Cell: 908.303.3489


Info@HungryLunchbox.com  -  Los Angeles, CA

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